December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, What Up 2012!?

Goodbye 2011, you were so awesome. Hello 2012!

1.) January- I took up a challenge and attended my first art class. Made a book and portfolio and also was in my first art show.

2.) February- I photographed my first newborn session. I also went on my first photo adventure alone.

3.) March- My awesome baby cousin was born.

4.) April- I grew a year older and realized that I was making myself too busy.

5.) May- I went on an amazing trip with friends to Arizona, just for a show. The Lord taught me a lot on that trip.

6.) June- God wrecked me this month. I stepped out of my comfort zone tremendously. Met an amazing friend who asked all of the hard questions that got me thinking about my life.

7.) July- God showed me how unique He makes us and how much He wants to pursue us through meeting a Christian artist, Chris August who bought us In n Out. Haha

8.) August- I did more of what I wanted to do this month. Visited many farms and took photos that I love taking.

9.) September- I shot lots of weddings this year. Particularly June-September. I then realized that I will never photograph just any wedding. This month I learned to turn down photo jobs.

10.) October- I learned a lot about who I am in Christ. My label fell off and ended up somewhere in the trash. I prefer I don't find another one.

11.) November- I learned by stepping out of that comfort zone again. Learning to take more risks for Him.

12.) December- Healing.

January 2012- December 2012
We'll see where the Lord takes me this year.

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the lovebirds said...

just got caught up on your cute blog! I love this last post. The pictures are adorable. And the months in just a few words was perfect! xoxo