August 01, 2012

Future Project- Seam Sew Swell

A very exciting business is about to open back up coming this fall and I couldn't keep myself from showing you guys a few images!

My sister Victoria started a clothing company Seam Sew Swell back in ohhh... I think it was 2005. She started off selling handmade and vintage inspired clothing. I would model clothes for her almost every weekend with a fabric backdrop and our point and shoot camera haha. We have a lot of fun memories from where we started. Victoria took some time off about a year ago but is now ready to share a whole different look with her online shop and blog! I'm SUPER excited about it!!

Yesterday we took 4 hours out of the day to shoot. Our lovely model Tayler (who also happens to be our 16 year old cousin) will be modeling most of the product for us! She did amazing yesterday. It was tiring, but a lot of fun! Can't wait to share more!

A little preview...

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