March 26, 2015


The month of April is almost here. Which means I turn 27. I always love seeing wish lists, gift ideas and inspiration boards on blogs and pinterest. And lately I've wanted to feel comfortable. So I thought I would make a practical list of things I would like to have for my birthday. This is in no way a trap for viewers and friends to get me anything listed haha. This is just me showing you all what I am interested in at the moment. Enjoy! :)

1. Capri Blue Candle from Anthropologie

2. Juniper Body Wash from Kneipp 
(I'm in love with this body wash, but haven't been able to afford $15 for body wash lately haha... that being... it's on my list, ok!)

3. Boots Botanics Organic Lip Balm

4. TogoSpa eye treatment (I've already tried to Green Tea eye patches and loved them).

5. Mat Kearney's New CD- Just Kids

6. Lou & Grey Beige top

7. Lou & Grey Blue top

8. Urban Outfitters Wall Sconce Light

9. Urban Outfitters Bulb

10. Urban Outfitters Pillow

March 23, 2015


After my recent iPhone photo post, it made me eager to drag out my slr. These are just a few photos from our Sunday morning breakfast. Nova is always persistent in making sure she can help make our meals when she's here. "I help" and "I do it" are her famous words right now. And sometimes she doesn't even speak. All you hear is a chair moving it's way across the kitchen floor, right in your way.  Sound familiar Mommies & Daddy's? ;)

Anyhow, we love her. 

March 21, 2015


Since the weeks fly by and I usually only have my iPhone camera available, I thought it would be fun to document what's happening in my life weekly. I've been working freelance for 6 months now and have also been busy babysitting for my brother and helping my mother out with my grandparents. Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to!

1. Took a trip to Lowes and brought home some succulents for Nova.
2. Chillin after Nova's afternoon nap.
3. One of the many pretty sunsets we've been having lately.
4. Waking these two up from their nap. Otherwise they would probably sleep for 5 hours. 
5. Breakfast on St. Paddy's day.  My Grandpa also had skin cancer removed this day. All came back positive. Praise Jesus!
6. Aunt Victoria is a riot. Keeping her entertained while in Lowes.
7. A drive home from picking up my check. Love working with Faith! And I absolutely love these flowers.
8. I was left alone with her for a few hours yesterday. This is what she did while I got myself ready.
9. Also from yesterday. Two year olds do not sit still.

March 15, 2015


Amy & Ephraim are two of the most genuine people I've met. We met when I first entered high school and attended the same church. It's so awesome to see how far they have come! I'm incredibly excited for them and for the rest of the journey that follows!