July 13, 2015


This family has a very special place in my heart for many, many reasons. I grew up with Michelle, Lauren and Aaron. Our parents hung out all of the time when we were babies until we grew older. I have tons of memories from when we were little. They stuck around through the hard times and were always available to hang out anytime! From swimming at their grandparents, to beach days, to the many sleep overs listening to Savage Garden and their dad scaring the crap out of us through the sliding glass window, to playing on their playset in their backyard, and to watching movies at the theatre. I wish I could go back to the simple days!

It was very special to document a little portion of their life. A beautiful mother's day present and a spontaneous engagement! Very happy to know them!

July 06, 2015


I apologize for not owning up to my word on my previous blog posts about blogging weekly. Let's just say I've been overly tired. Within the last two weeks I started an internship with an awesome company, celebrated Nova's birthday, my aunt's birthday, my dad's birthday and father's day all in one. I also have been busy working on projects and photo sessions and helping family out like normal. And everything usually happens all at once... am I right? Right.

So here's just a little peek into Nova's third birthday! We normally just get together with family and celebrate at my grandparents. It's a tradition. My mom gets us cake, we get food and celebrate. One cool thing about living with this one is it's exciting to see what makes her happy, like her favorite food, toys, shows, etc. She requested Disney clip dolls for her birthday and cake. If any of you are familiar with the Disney Collector on YouTube, you understand our dilemma! Clip dolls galore. And PlayDoh. She also loves Lilo & Stitch, which was the story behind our little Hawaiian theme. It was fun watching her reactions, and I still can't believe we have all kept her alive for three years. ;) HA! 

June 18, 2015


^ And now introducing Nova's first school portrait. ;) 

Sharing some photos from our smoothie making time on Tuesday morning. We normally buy extra fruit and freeze it to use for smoothies. And then occasionally throw in fruit that's about to go bad with water, yogurt and honey. And if your kids won't eat their veggies, or if you don't eat your veggies, I'd recommend throwing in some greens with a berry smoothie. 

On a side note, this little turns 3 on Saturday!! It's been a long and 'sometimes' stressful haul as we raise her. Some days are harder than others, but we love her and her little personality more than anything. While living at home and helping out my family in hard times, she teaches me daily whats important. Love, sacrifice, discipline, letting go and having fun in the smallest ways. God gives us the ability to see even when we loose sight.

June 17, 2015


I didn't take out my camera last week because lets be honest, we normally use our phones now and days to capture moments as quickly as possible. So many excuses. I've been making sure that I bring my camera out this week. ;)

These photos are from my weekend. My sister and I went on a little hike on Portuguese Bend trail. Also known as Jurassic World when the marine layer rolls in. *Cue the Jurassic Park theme music* Anyway, this was the highlight of my weekend. Lately finding things to do that don't involve money or things that bring calmness have been my go to. And even though I don't really like where I live, I have to constantly remind myself that there are places that are beautiful here... I just need to look beyond the noise.