May 17, 2016

SWEET POTATO TACOS | Taco Tuesday Recipe

This is not your average Taco Tuesday meal. My sister and I decided to make our tacos veggie style tonight. This is a super easy and fast recipe that I will always love! And it's great if you want the tacos, but want a healthier homemade version. 

Sweet Potato Tacos

What you'll need:
2 soft corn tortillas
1/4c mozzarella cheese
1/2c sweet potatoes
1c baby spinach
1/2c mushrooms
2T chopped onions

How to cook:
Coat a non-stick frying pan with cooking spray. Saute mushrooms and onions for 2-3 minutes. Add sweet potatoes, olive oil (or cooking spray), and a small sprinkle of cumin, oregano or garlic to add flavor to your tacos. (Tip: We partially pre-cook our cut sweet potatoes in the microwave for easier sautéing. 1-2 minutes in a bowl with a splash of water does the trick). Saute a few more minutes until everything is a nice golden brown, stirring occasionally. When the veggies are almost done, add the spinach. It will quickly wilt before your eyes. When it does, you're done!

Set the veggies aside and put the corn tortillas in the pan. Sprinkle half mozzarella cheese on one side of each shell and heat on medium. Cook until melted and the tortillas are soft. Fill with veggies, salsa, avocado, and hot sauce. Finally, enjoy!

May 12, 2016


When my mind gets the best of me, fresh air is what helps most. Revisiting places you haven't been in a while. Realizing your thoughts are so small compared to everything around you. Not to minimize those issues or ignore what you're struggling with, but to breathe a little and come back to working on them later.

May 05, 2016


What do you do when blackberries are on sale at the grocery store? You buy four containers and make a blackberry cobbler. I always remember my great grandma's blackberry bush in her garden when I was younger, and thinking the texture of the berries were very strange. And I would never eat blackberries for that reason. I was a very picky eater when I was younger. And come to think of it, in many ways I still am a very picky eater, ha! As I grew older, our family recipes were something that we would go to make for holidays, or just to have something sweet especially on gloomy days like today. I'm SO glad i'm more open to trying different foods now, and this is a favorite. 

We didn't use my great grandma's recipe, but we did use one we found online. You can find the blackberry cobbler recipe here.

This post has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo, unfortunately. But everyone have a great rest of the week. Yay it's almost Friday!