January 25, 2015


Today was very hard and mentally exhausting. But, I brought out my camera while we were painting because I was loving those shadows. 

January 09, 2015


I want to talk about something that I appreciate more as I grow older. And that is SPACE! I love beautiful, clean and organized spaces. I've always been a huge fan of Country Living and Victoria magazine since I was younger. Even in my later years in high school. And you can always find me on Pinterest for hours on my free time just day dreaming, pinning, repeat about what I want to buy for my future house, etc. And day dreaming. Yes, I day dream a lot. Maybe too much. I never paid any attention in class. Even in Elementary school. I remember being embarrassed in one of my second grade classes to stop day dreaming. It was always made known in my parent teacher conferences. Which led into high school. I just wasn't interested. Until my senior year when I wanted to get out of there, and fast. And I did. But hey, I guess my mind is always somewhere else. 

I guess it comes to you gradually as you get older. You realize that you need a nice space to live in and work in peacefully, mentally and physically to function. It's all about the environment too. And I can't wait until I can have a space to work and live in. But for now we make due with what we have, am I right?  Here's just a couple images and sources from my Pinterest boards that have been inspiring me.

2. Tumblr

January 06, 2015


"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands." - 1 Thessalonians 4:11

It's hard to write a review about my 2014 because I feel as if I rushed through it all. I know I'm not alone in this. I didn't and I still don't always allow myself to enjoy what's happening right in front of me. It's good to look back and say, yes. I was brave enough to quit my job. I was brave enough to try new things. I kicked some old habits and I continued some as well. And now I can choose to start over again. Lost as I have ever been, i'm learning to understand what's actually important to me. 

I did not make any resolutions for 2015. But I have few practical goals that my heart needs this year: 
-To be more patient 
-To respond kindly
-To work with my hands
-Read more
-To spend more time with those who pursue me
-Eat better to feel better
-Love it, or leave it
-To be brave
-Don't rush
-Do everything that scares me

These will all take time. And I may not get everything down in one year. Actually I know I won't get everything down in one year. I just pray that I get the chance to practice them this year. So tell me. What are some things you plan on doing this year??

December 18, 2014


My sister and I ran lots of errands today and picked up one last gift on my list. It's so much easier to get things out of the way early in the morning for us. Unfortunately I'm sick for the third time in less than a month. I'm longing to feel better! I am slowly on the mend.

My sister and I were having a conversation about next year on our drive to the grocery store. So, so many dreams! The cool thing about our relationship is we both are way different from each other, but we love the same things. We dream of leaving California and doing what we love. And I want to document the whole process. Even now. 

With Christmas being a week away, I hope all you readers have a safe and relaxing time!