May 25, 2013

DAY ONE | London, England

Well... I'm back from my two week vacation in Europe! Two weeks away from my day job. Two weeks away from my family. Two different countries, with a 8-9 hour time difference, adjusting to the transportation and experiencing two different cultures. And now I'm back home. Just like that!

I had an awesome opportunity to travel my first international trip with my *amazing* friends Nate, Hattie, their kids and Erin. Hattie and Nate had been planning to go back to London for vacation and to visit Hattie's family and friends. They kindly invited Erin and I along and I am so grateful that they did! Erin and Hattie went to high school together in Colorado and have been great friends since. I was able to meet Erin a few times while she was down visiting in California, but never really got to know her. She flew in from Florida where she is now living and I'm so happy that we we're able to bond while she was down. Amazing lady indeed! This vacation was full of adventures and much needed change. We spent 8 nights in an apartment in Earls Court, 3 nights in a loft in Paris and 2 nights at the Hilton Hotel in Euston. 

The photos above are from our first day sightseeing in London. We got to see Big Ben (or from Amelia's perspective, Big Ben is Uncle Ben) went on the London Eye and walked on the Westminister Bridge. More blogposts and stories to come from my trip! Enjoy! :)


janice said...

Great photos, well done. I gave my photography equipment to my cousins son who is a prof photographer. I can remember hauling my equipment around England & Scotland in 2002 ...may you take many more trips & pics.

Liz Martin said...

Thank you Janice! Enjoy your blog :)