June 09, 2013

THE FINALE | DAY TWO | Paris, France

If you can see the photo above, this happened on a daily basis while we were traveling. Pulling the kids stroller and our luggage up and down stairs in parks, subways, metros, etc. if lifts weren't available. Which was a fun experience. You'd be surprised at some of the generous people who would offer to help every once in a while. (Amelia's glasses above are from Bonlook.)
I got to try my first every Glace! Which was followed by being yelled at by a french woman who I was ordering from. It wasn't a very lovely experience, but was funny afterwards haha. I'm American, what can I say?
We ate lunch that afternoon with this amazing view above!
Again, the architecture!! Notre Dame... 800 years old! 
Had to try the snails! I've had many different, strange foods in my lifetime. Like crickets, rotten duck eggs.... and now snails. They were surprisingly really good. The texture was just really chewy lol. But I loved it! Glad I got to try it. :) 

So here we have the last actual day/ night in Paris. I loved it! :)

But I'm going to go in a different direction with this blog post. Even though people probably just look at my blog like they would read a book with pictures... but only not read the words. I still thought I would openly talk about how I've been since I've been back. Normally I don't like opening up and posting about my personal life because mine is messy haha. But I thought it would be somewhat encouraging to a point. While feeling stuck in certain life situations... it's true that you can actually try to pursue a desire you have or a talent while in the midst of those situations. Sayyyy whatttttt!? Yes, you can try. Which is where I'm at... the trying part.

Anyway, I love my family and some coworkers, but I desperately needed to get away for a little bit. I needed a little bit of change and pace. If my life from your point of view looks amazing, thank you haha. But I think it's important to openly share about where you come from sometimes.

But I blog and edit out of a 2 1/2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with 6 people (including me) and an almost 1 year old. I blog from my 13" Macbook. Currently from my bed, hunched over like an old woman. I've never owned a desk in my life. There's no room... Basically I just want those to know that it is possible to work out of a very limited workspace and living situation. If you choose to make it happen. Don't give up friends!! 

I just turned 25. I'm still living at home, never have moved out of the city I grew up in and feel a little trapped. Only I'm not, I'm just really horrible at making decisions. There's probably a million people who have already traveled the globe by the age of 21 and I've only just started! It's funny, the position I have at my job is shipping and receiving and mail order. Those are only two main things that I do at the little camera shop. I ship used photo equipment across the world and have always wondered what those lifestyles were like. (I also pick up my bosses dog poop, but thats beside the point). 

 In lots of ways I feel stuck. But realize how grateful I am and where God has already brought me through to this point. One fact to know with what you want to be doing is, at some point you will feel stuck, but keep on pushing through. Do what you love.

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Ashley Cristine said...

Hi Liz! Thank you for sharing this. Always loved your pictures :) but yeah, I moved out for the 1st time last year a few months before my 26th birthday and I lived in a two bedroom with 5 people in NYC! lol, but yes take your time and it's easier said than done, but try not to compare to others your age. I am 27 now andddd I still have not made it to Europe :( haha any whoo. thanks again for sharing & my point for this comment issss --know you are not alone! :)