January 21, 2010

First Blog Post, The Loper Family


Hey guys welcome to my first blog entry! 
I was inspired by a few friends of mine who are also photographers to start a photo blog. I thought it would be great to keep you guys updated on recent sessions, discounts on upcoming sessions, and to learn a little more about me and what i do!

I had an awesome opportunity to take photos for some good friends of mine last weekend! 
I had a session with my Youth Pastor Nate, his lovely wife Hattie, and there soon to be 1 year old Caden! Hattie and Nate are both truly inspirational and hard working! It was definitely a pleasure being able to experience a more relaxed vibe from them during our session! 
Our session took place at Averill Park in San Pedro. A verrrry popular park for South Bay photographers. There had to be about 5-10 separate girls being photographed for Quinceanera's as well as other family sessions going on while we were there. I've shot 3 different sessions at that park, and recommend it to anyone who lives locally! I hope you guys enjoy my first blog! I'm very new to blogging, so i need to break it in a little haha. Here's a few photos from the session!



Cassi said...

love the pics!!! can't wait to see more!!!

he calls me wifey said...

These are gorgeous. Seriously. This is Andrea, by the way. I'm "following" you now :)

Denise said...

aawww Caden!

i love these pics Lizzy!!! :D

LizMarie said...

thank you Cassi and Denise! :)
Andrea- thank you so much! your blog is ADORABLE!
i think i'm following everyone correctly... if i'm not let me know haha