January 09, 2011

Big Bear Trip- 1.9.11

I wanted to welcome in the new year with a more exciting blog. Our college group from church planned a trip to Big Bear Mountain this weekend. I really enjoyed this trip. This weekend we spent most of our time playing board games, having epic snowball fights, sledding, and watched many movies! I'm so blessed with the people that are around me who constantly encourage me. 

Right when I get home from trips, I get settled in and then head straight to my computer. I like to get most of my photos edited from trips out of the way the day I get back, because I usually tend to get busy and forget about all my fun personal photos! So here are a few photos from my trip!
I hope most of you are having a good start for the new year!


Julia and Yuriy said...

The shot of the snow exploding in the air... amazing.

LizMarie said...

Thank you so much!! :)