January 18, 2011

In The Works- Personal 1/18/11

For the past 4 months I've been attending/assisting my co-worker Annie Appel's photo class. The class was pretty much to help build a portfolio of our work. We learned how to put together a series of photos, to calibrating the right color in our images, etc. This class has helped me sooooooo much. 

We all were given an assignment to make a 20 page book for our show in February. I just received my book in the mail yesterday. I'm glad I got the book made early. But I had a couple errors in my book which I wasn't too happy about. The littlest errors mind you, like the text on the front of the book being just a couple cm's off haha... and one... just one image in the book being off. I guess you learn.

We install our work in Annie's studio next week and I am sooo nervous and excited at the same time! I've never done anything like this before. I'll be sure to upload images of the final outcome of the show with everyone's work as well!

Time to edit my mistakes and head on over to work!

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