August 22, 2011

Day Trip-U-Pick Farms 8.21.11

Saturday night my sister told me that both her and my mom were going to Solvang and Santa Ynez Valley the next morning to get some food from the farms. They go with out me all of the time so I decided to take a day away from church and we drove out early in the morning along with my aunt.

This week is going to be a little busy getting ready to shoot a wedding so... here's just a large picture post from yesterday. I might do a part 2 post later this week because I have so many photos haha.

While we were on our way into town I was saying how I wanted to see some deer. And just like that, these guys appeared right as I was finishing my sentence. Haha

For those of you who see deer regularly, us southern california beach people don't see them everyday. ;)

This was a single scoop might I add you. I should just stick to child scoops from now on haha.

Always gotta have them jumping photos.

The really dorky photos of me are taken by my sister :) Haha We shared my camera a little.
Part 2 coming soon...

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