October 31, 2011

Stacee & Jack BFF's- Palos Verdes

Yesterday was one of those days where I was able to realize clearly, how thankful I am. Thankful that I have a God who doesn't need me, but simply just wants me. All of me.

I asked Stacee to take my portraits earlier this week. Photos just to have. In exchange we decided to photograph each other. :) I thought It was a scary, yet amazing idea. Haha we both hate being in front of the camera.

This session is of Stacee and Jack. Jack was made by Alexis and Steven. Haha I am so thankful that I know this family. Put a Stacee Lianna in the bunch and you get a handful of amazing-ness. I mean this 112%. Stacee and Jack are BFF's. She realized.... um, excuse me. When did Jack grow up overnight??! So she insisted that she needed photos with him before he grew even more. I completely agree with her on that one ;) Below I have just a few of the photos we took. Make sure you make your way on over to Stacee's blog to see the ones she enjoyed most! :)

These were taken on a bridal trail. I was so excited seeing these horses coming down the trail! <3

Please go over to Stacee's blog and see how amazing she is and how amazing her work is!
And Happy Halloween! I'm in tonight trying to get rid of this cold. <3 Hope everyone is having fun.

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