January 28, 2012

Brandon & Jonica- Valentines Session 1.28.12

This afternoon I met up with Brandon and Jonica in Rolling Hills Estates. This location happened to be right in between a local church parking lot and behind a cemetery. I enjoyed everything from the color scheme to the style they had going on. Being that Brandon is also taking up photography, I loved that he brought his Yashica-Mat with him. I had a great time photographing them. So thank you Brandon and Jonica for the company today! Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do!

Sneak peak of my favorites:


Unknown said...

Lizzy!!!!! These are SO gorgeous! I especially love the B&W of Jonica looking at Brandon. So perfect!

Stacee <3

Anonymous said...

wooow! Beautiful pictures!! i love it! i follow you!
check my blog if you want! http://catseyesmf.blogspot.com/ thank you so much!! <3

brooke & jake said...

just stumbled across your blog from a friends! you have beautiful photography skills! can't wait to follow you and see what else you put up

brooke & jake said...

stumbled across your blog, you have beautiful photography skills! can't wait to see what else you post!