May 23, 2012

Round Trip- Phoenix, Arizona

A couple weeks ago I had seen a status on facebook that my dear friend Stacee posted about booking her flights to Arizona. Little did I know by *liking* her status would I had been invited to come along! I've never been the best at making spontaneous decisions. If you're anything at all like me, you end up contemplating for way too long and end up not doing anything at all. I was able to practice breaking this habit and said, yes! I'm in, lets do this!

Friday morning I went on a round trip with Stacee, Alexis and Zoe to Phoenix, Arizona. All three of these ladies were my hero's that day. I originally planned on having my camera leached to me so that I didn't miss photographing anything. But surprisingly, I didn't. I kind of took a step back and watched how things were going.

Stacee did amazing for doing multiple shoots in parts of Arizona she wasn't very familiar with. On her last shoot, she got cactus in her foot and continued to finish shoot! She was so distracted by the good light that she HAD to continue shooting. Dedication right there my friends! Alexis did amazing at assisting and keeping track of what time it was so we were at each location on time. She also was an amazing friend and got most of the cactus out of Stacee's foot. True love right there haha. ;) Zoe was also the most amazing baby. Her routine was all out of sorts and was still the sweetest baby!

I learned many things on this trip. No matter what kind of traveling experiences you may loved or hated on your trips, there's always a story to bring back. And an area where you know you needed to grow that you take home with you. I had a great time being away from home in a place I wasn't familiar. :)

Most of my photos were taken at Market Street at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

^^ Photos taken from my phone.


Unknown said...

I am SO glad you made a spontaneous decision and came along Lizzy!! This trip would not have been the same without you! <3 We're going to have SO much fun in Boston. For reals.

LOVE the shot of Zoe & Alexis holding hands, the one of the cactus makes me cringe, I really like the one of me shooting... but not in a vain way, and I LOVE the last one that sun was so pretty.


Benlovesting said...

I love the 2nd photo, is beautiful and that pair of shoe is such a sweetheart :)