June 27, 2012

Novalee- 1 Week Fresh

There's been a completely new atmosphere around our house this past week. Novalee has been our new favorite subject to oooh and ahhh over. Who wouldn't? From those cute back rolls to the old man forehead frown and pouting lips. She's adorable! I love her so much. Having a new addition to both our family and Bri's family has been so heartwarming.

Having a baby in our house has been a huge eye opener for me. It's funny. I'm 24 and I thought that this would be the qualified age that I should get married and have babies and have my whole future planned ahead of me. With a snap of a finger might I add you! Yeah, it didn't happen that way haha.

The older I grow, the more I've been learning how relationships work and how they grow. I've never been a people person, normally I don't have the patience for humans. ;) I'm not well communicational wise either. But through God's word, my relationship with the Lord, my families circumstances, my circumstances, the day job I don't like all that much and my failed attempts to communicating, mistakes... I'm growing. I'm very thankful to know this little girl and be temporary roomies ;) If you ever see this in the future Novalee, know you are very much loved by your Auntie Lizzy and everyone around you!


Sterling is Gold said...

she looks so cute.

does she have pretty eyes like nick????

LizMarie said...

@Sterling- I'm not sure lol. Her eyes keep changing colors. They look brown one day and greenish grey another haha. So we'll see! You're welcome to come by sometime to see her :)