March 19, 2013

Kid Public Clothing | Product Shoot

A couple weeks ago Zach, Hattie and I were able to finish capturing the product for Kid Public Clothing. If you haven't seen the previous post on what Kid Public Clothing is, you can see that here! I can't wait until the site launches so all you awesome parents out there can get a hand on these adorable clothes!! 

This is just a small preview from the product shoot. I like projects like these because it's something new to me and I'm able to practice and see if it's something I would enjoy doing more in the future. 

Speaking of the future... I'll be taking a large break from April-June as a time of reflecting, exploring and traveling. Not all at once of course! ;) I will still be posting photo sessions and fun travel posts from my trip to Europe on here. I will be back to scheduling sessions in June.    

Weren't our models just the cutest!!?
Jack was adorable on this shoot. His mama is also very talented. Make sure you check her out as well! :)
These boys were the best! Even if we did bribe them a lot... with candy and money haha. 

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