May 26, 2013

DAY TWO & THREE | London, England

One thing I'm loving about editing my photos from this trip is that I can edit them anyway that I want to and it doesn't feel like a job I have to get done. I'm posting images that I like and it feels good!

I combined two days together because I didn't have my camera out that much these days. The first three images were taken on day two. Hattie, Erin, the kids and I went to Hyde Park while Nate had a tour of the British Museum. It started to rain pretty good when we got to the park and continued to rain off and on through out the day (which I enjoyed, hate the heat here in California) so my camera wasn't out as much. 

The next nine images are from day three. All of us went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. Which was very cool. To think this event goes on everyday is insane to me. We also went to Westminister Abbey which was incredible. 

A few people have asked what I've liked most about the trip and I've had different answers every time haha. But my favorite has to be the architecture, the lifestyle of the city and the weather. You just don't always get to see brick buildings and detailed carvings like these in California. 

More photos to come...

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