September 22, 2013


My mom, sister, brother, his daughter and I took a short trip this weekend up to Solvang for Danish Days. We take many trips here. This time was special because it was our first mini trip away with Novalee and it's tradition that our family comes up here once a year. Though we usually have more family come up, it was bittersweet because not everyone was here to bicker and fight with. ;) Our grandparents were especially missed by me this weekend because they originally started this tradition. And if it weren't for them, we wouldn't continue to have and create more memories with our family in this little town.

Short story about the man behind the Apple Orchard. He used to live in Hermosa Beach and visited up here all the time. He finally decided to stay and make this place his home. I've been brought up here since I was four or five years old. He's always been here. Dedicated, I'll say! :) Our visits wouldn't be the same without this apple stand!

I'll have a blog post later this week of the Classic Organic farm stand! Happy weekending! 

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