October 18, 2014


Story time! I've been bitten by a rabid squirrel. I know, I know. Before you read any further, yes. This story was and is the funniest i've ever encountered in all my life. I was six years old. We lived in a mobile home park and I was walking to the house next to us to see if a friend wanted to play. There was no answer at her door so I walked back to my home. Half way back into the house something furry jumped on me biting my arm continually. I ran screaming and crying around our house until our neighbor across the driveway told me to run toward him. My mom didn't hear me because she was vacuuming. I ran in my neighbors house and he ran around his house with a golf club trying to kill it. It got away and attacked the landlord a few days later. I had tons of rabie shots and it is still to this day the most hilarious story to tell. If we ever meet or see each other, ask me about my story and I'll show you the scars.

So with story, here's a pumpkin pie with this cute little creature on it. Have a good weekend!

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