September 23, 2012

Lizzie & Brad's Wedding | Foxboro Ranch, Arizona | Second Shooter

Last month I went on a little road trip to Flagstaff, Arizona with Stacee and Alexis for Lizzie and Brad's wedding! I'm so blessed to be able to learn around people who I admire and am comfortable with. This is the first wedding i've second shot in a while. And it was an amazing experience. I loved being able to learn more by watching Stacee do her magic, and also getting to know how to work with the videographers and vendors. 

Before we drove to our hotel in Flagstaff, we decided to check out the ranch. I was a little overwhelmed by the beauty. When I'm overwhelmed, I usually have a goofy grin from ear to ear repeatedly saying, "It's so pretty, ahhh it's so pretty." When you're so used to living in LA with hot weather, smog, marine layer, buildings, traffic... you kind of forget what real weather, fresh air and openness is like. Like watching and hearing crazy thunderstorms, real fog in fields surrounding farms and pretty mountains and trees haha. I don't belong in LA people.  

I loved every part of this trip. So, with this little post... please go to Stacee's blog for the first and second part of the wedding! She's amazing!!

Some favorites of mine:

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One Fine Pine said...

These photos are beautiful! The trees are epic in this series.