September 18, 2012

The Randazzo Family | Redondo Beach

I'm very glad I met the Randazzo family! I was doing some volunteer work in our church nursery when I met Adela. My buddy Hattie pretty much set Adela and I up for a photo session the day we met haha! :] I'm very blessed by my friends!

We met at a location I normally shoot at in Redondo Beach, but walked down a trail and ended up in a completely different environment with hills instead of forest-like trees. I loved it! So thank you Hattie and the Randazzo family for making this session a fun one!

Here's just a few favorites of mine from the session:

A favorite of mine!
A few things I wish I could capture at any session is the giggles and laughter from a little one.
There's also something about a father and daughter moment that makes my heart sink a little.

Ali will be 1 this month and Adela will be 3 this week!

A special shout out and thank you to my dear friend Hattie for setting this up for Adela, the family and I. :]


Unknown said...

Beautiful family...nice work, Lizzy!

Liz Martin said...

Thank you Suzanne! :]

Unknown said...

Awesome job, Lizz! I love the lightening and the family looks like they're having a good time. God bless you more!

Liz Martin said...

Thank you John Mark! Hope you're doing well! :]