May 20, 2010

Tailor Made- Tayler 5.20.10

Well, normally Thursday's are my days off... but, today all i did was a bunch of running around ... running errands with my mom and sister this morning, and did a few of my own. When I finally came home, I started to catch up on editing photos from a previous shoot. I'm happy to say i'm halfway done. I really needed to take a break from staring at my computer screen, so my Auntie Lori and Tayler came over for dinner and we headed for the beach. 
Here are some photos of my beautiful cousin Tayler! 14 years old.

Tayler took this photo with her phone while we were driving, being blinded by the light.

Playlist for this afternoon:
Bob Marely- Three Little Birds
Audio Adrenaline- Good Life
Colbie Caillat- Tailor Made
Joe Purdy- Worn Out Shoes
Ingrid Michaelson- Be Ok
Jimmy Eat World- If You Don't, Don't
Mat Kearney-Won't Back Down
Mae-Last Call
Switchfoot-Enough To Let Me Go

The beach was a good break. And now i'm going to bed. Goodnight :)

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