April 28, 2010

Goodmorning-Change in Routine

Went on a little adventure in my backyard this morning. I usually stick to my daily routine by pouring another boring cup of coffee, while going straight to reading. I switched things up a bit. 
I knew it had been raining through the night, which is always super exciting to take photos the next day! Despite living on the corner of a busy busy street, I was able to enjoy the industrial feeling in my backyard. While hearing the many tires sweep there way across the asphalt. 

It was a nice change! I've got to make this a quick post. I have to be at work at 10:00. Right after work i'm driving straight to church, for prayer, pre-service, service and our leadership meeting. I enjoy Wednesday's the most, no really i do haha. 

I encourage you guys, if your tired of your daily routine, plan sometime for yourself to change it up a bit. Even if it's 15-20 minutes. 

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