April 24, 2010

Cars-Saturday 4/24/10

I had an awesoommme day off today. The past few weeks i have been busy from back to back. I was very excited to be able to sleep in. Even though sleeping in for me is only until about 8:00am. When I woke up I went straight to reading. That was amazing, because i was able to get a good 1-2 hours to just sit and read without having any interruptions, or distractions. After reading i drove over to my grandparents house to clean my car and to relax over there some more. They have an awesome patio with a swing, i could sit over there for hours doing nothing and be completely satisfied.

I had to take my car to A&D Buggies on Thursday to fix the massive oil leak that i had. They said that one of my fuel lines were clogged really bad, so they put in new fuel lines and hoses. Also, my car would sound like a semi-truck randomly when there was a little more weight in the car and was always really jumpy when shifting gears. That was always a huge concern. The guys found that my timing was off at about 60 when it should have been at 30? So they adjusted that. Now my car starts right up, it's working properly annnd i don't leave surprise puddles everywhere i park! Super awesome geezers, fixed everything in 1 day, and gave me a really cheap rate. SOO thankful. 

So, haha I cleaned my car like crazy this afternoon. Washed it. Vacuumed the carpets out because I had so much sand everywhere, fixed my unsafe seatbelt, found out that i have a horn in my trunk i never knew about that needs to be installed correctly haha. Just did some crazy cleaning. Now i am exhausted haha. I'm downloading music to my itunes and browsing through my JC Whitney Volkswagen catalog making a list of the important gear i need.
I have 2 very expensive hobbies. Camera's & Cars. 

These photos are special to me because my Grandpa took them.
That's the end to my random day.
How's everyone's weekend going so far??

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