April 13, 2010

Polaroid 669 Film

I wanted to show you guys some photos from my Polaroid Land Camera.
It's an Automatic 210. This camera was handed down to me by my Grandpa. 
It had been sitting on my shelf collecting dust with the rest of my camera collection. I had no idea if it still had use to it. So i did some research, cleaned it up a little bit and took this little guy into work and had some of the old geezers help me out with it.  I had to clean my battery chamber because it was all blue and corroded, but vinegar and warm water did the trick and took everything right off. I had to tape the battery in, because they don't make the original battery anymore. But other than that it was easy! One of the advantages about my job is i'm able to watch and learn how to work with cameras and equipment all day long. Whether it's the latest camera model that just came in, or an old camera that was used in the 1940's, learning how the little details in the camera work is exciting for me. I work with a lot of the old vintage gear in our eBay store, so it's almost mandatory to check the details, make sure everything is working properly. Exciting right? Haha.

So here are just a few photos, i have yet to begin taking more pictures! 
I might take a trip on my own, down to the Botanical Garden's again this Thursday so i can use more film and play with my SLR's. 

I encourage you guys, if you have old camera's that are not being used because you don't think they have anymore use to them, play around with them a little. And if you don't want them, get a hold of me haha i'll gladly take them off your hands. 

My next camera i'm going to get working is my Kodak Instamatic M4 movie camera. 
I think it also just needs some tape and a battery. We'll see. 

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