June 03, 2010

Swimming 6.3.10

Holy macaroni its June! My cousins have just about a week left of school. My sister was craving to swim, i was craving to swim so we made a decision & my mom drove us all over to Makayla & Tayler's house! 
We swam for about a good 4-5 hours. My mom and aunt also made some oh so yummy dinner. All the food i consumed, was burned off tonight haha. 

I haven't had this much fun in a while. And tomorrow we planned to have a sleepover at these munchkins house. We'll be swimming, making smores in the firepit and watching movies. 
I can already tell this summer is going to be full of activities. I'm excited for it!

Seriously!!?  I love these girls haha

Cheeeeeeeeese :D
I'm really a happy person, i mean it!

Me & Mac drinking our arizona!

Tayler setting up for dinner :)


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yuniseeeena said...

heya liz..
im loving your hair color.
you're always beautiful.
and the pictures.. are beautiful as well.