August 08, 2010

Summer Camp 2010- Rooted August 2nd-6th/ Harvest Crusade 2010

It has been such a crazy busy summer! Last week our church and about 20-30 other SoCal Assembly of God Church's joined together for Summer Camp at Pinecrest. So we're talking about 200+ 6th-12th graders. The theme this year was being Rooted in Christ. I gained and learned so much from this week. We had late night dodgeball tournaments to amazing altar calls which lead into late night Upper Room experiences and much more. None of our kids wanted to come back down that mountain hah. 

Here are a few photos from this week:

During the week, we had a Super Hero day and Neon Day.
This was during our Super Hero day and EVERYBODY dressed up, some people even used toilet paper and made an outfit, it was awesome.
Some of our girls and some new friends that we made, and now miss!
Okay, so... why is that man blue you ask? haha We were all split up into Teams and played against each other in tournaments. We had the Blue Team. Our Group was dubbed thee Smurf Nation. I & a few others lost our voice from all of the cheering and shouting allll week long haha. 

Last night I went with a few awesome friends to the Harvest Crusade at the Angel's Stadium in Anaheim with the OC Supertones, Sanctus Real and Phil Wickham. I hadn't seen the Supertones in YEARS! But the main reason i love going to this free event, is seeing how many people show up and HOW MANY people come to know Christ or rededicate their lives to Christ. To think about how many people are in the world, let alone in one stadium; we all have different lifestyles and unique characteristics about us. Not only that but God has a calling on each and every one of our lives. It boggles my mind. It makes me want to know each and everyone's story. 

This has been one of the longest and satisfying weeks i've had in quite some time. 
I So needed it. 

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