September 19, 2010

A weekend Away- 9.17.10-9.19.10

Howdie. First off, I apologize for the lack of updating my blog. Just a little recap on what's been going on. With relationships, awkward family situations and just with daily routines... I really have just been lacking inspiration. Which can be and sometimes is completely normal.

Right now i'm taking a step toward something I've always wanted to do. I have the privilege of taking one of my employee's Portfolio/ Workshop classes. We're learning everything from color management, to choosing the right photo papers, to comparing photos for publishing a book. It takes place once a month until February. By February we'll all have one our favorite 8x11 prints framed and a book published for ourselves and showcased in an Art Gallery. I'm beyond nervous, excited annnd nervous haha. I'm the youngest one attending this class with 12 amazing photographer's/artist's. 

This Weekend
This weekend was Danish days in Solvang. Since I was about 5, our family has gone to Danish days. I wasn't too happy on the way up. Let me tell you a brief story of what happened on the way up. We always take a detour through the farm's on the way into town. I, being a dorklord had the window down taking photos and a bee flew in and stung me.... right above my butt crack!? I have never been stung by a bee. My lower back and my whole toosh was in pain for about 5-6 hours. The first night I was pretty much doped up on benadryl. Really funny experience haha.

The next day, my Grandpa insisted on taking me and my sister to the casino. 6:00 am in the morning! Me and my sister have never been to a casino before. I of course was carded because I look 16 haha. I made about $30.00 on the 1 cent slot machines. My grandpa was getting a kick out of it. :) It was good bonding time. I honestly will never go to a casino again. Just not my thing. 
We stayed in town in these very tiny Scandinavian Cottages. My grandpa was very awesome and let me and my sister have our own room. I had tons of yummy food. Did a lot of relaxing. 

Here are some photos from this weekend! 
Took a swing by the Apple Farm. They grew pumpkins this year!
Was able to borrow this Yashicamat from work!
I let my sister use my D200 this weekend while I was playing with the Yashicamat.
It's funny what you notice while your driving. Can the butt on the spider be any bigger? 
Does anybody know what kind of spider this is?
HI. Tons of amazing food consumed!
Favorite meal of this trip at Andersen's Pea Soup!
This bad boy contains: grilled eggplant, roasted tomatoes, pesto, red onion, feta cheese, swiss cheese, lettuce all on a multi-grain roll!
Mint n' Chip Waffle Cone in 50 degree weather. :)
Mocha Buttercream Tart. Drool.
Early morning hot tea in town. <3 div="">
Met and old Scandinavian man & purchased a Scandinavian cookbook from Gaveaesken.
I made $30.00... and left with $30.00. This is just a joke. :)
I love my Pa'pa. :)
And my favorite part of this trip. The long drive there and back. :)
Thee end..
How was your weekend?

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