February 15, 2011

Amelia 14 Days New- 2.15.11

This morning was quite the experience. I went over to the Loper's this morning to get some photos of Amelia. Amelia is 14 days new today. This little lady was my first newborn baby i've ever photographed and I seriously got teary eyed as I was editing these! How silly is that?! Very silly! Hattie and I tried all that we could to get this little one to sit up right like we wanted her to, but she was very squirmy. And wide awake might I add you. :) Poor thing wasn't feeling all too good. But both Hattie and Amelia were troopers! I had a great time doing this.

Here are a few of my favorites from this mornings session. 


sharkiepatronus said...

I absolutely adore these. Especially the first one!

Stacee Lianna said...

i LOVE the last one! so sweet!

sarahbeth said...

These are amazing pictures, Lizzy! LOVE IT!