February 19, 2011

Product Preview- Faith Jarratt Rouse 2.19.11

On Thursday I had an awesome opportunity to shoot a furniture line with Faith Jarratt Rouse. Faith and I met through our photo class that just ended. The night of the show she insisted on hiring me to shoot her line. We originally planned to find a studio to shoot in, but due to the rain we managed to build our own studio at Faith's home. Faith's home is so amazing! 

I've never really had much experience with studio lighting... but with all the natural lighting coming in from the windows we had enough light to work with. With the help of borrowing and renting equipment from close friends and co-workers, the total costs that went into this was only $40-50! Shooting took us about 8 hours. It's crazy how fast time and light goes through out the day. But we finished and i'm so happy that we did!

I wanted to post a few images of what we did. Can't release the final images yet. This was yet another experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Feel free to check out Faith's work at DFRAGD.com.

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Hattie said...

Wow that looks awesome! Way to go Lizzy!
And Faith is beautiful, so talented too!