May 26, 2011

Aldrin & Uriah- 5.26.11

I had a special afternoon visiting Jessica and the babies. This family has been through SO much. Seeing how healthy these guys are growing up and how well the family is doing is truly inspirational to me.  These guys were born at a very, very young age. I know God's got something in store for these little dudes and the Gamboa family. :)

Here are a few shots with my new Sigma 30mm 1.4 that I got in the mail today :

Alison- 3 months old! 
She had a really high fever and wasn't feeling too well. So we only have few photos of her. More to come soon! :)


sarahbeth said...

Adorable!!!! And great photography!

sharkiepatronus said...

The boys always look sonserious in the pictures I see. I am glad you got some of them giggling! Super cuties all three of them! Excellent photos as usual

LizMarie said...

Thank you guys so much!! :) Aren't they!?
Stacey- It was so cute seeing how much character they have. They look and act like nothing ever happened to them. Haha :)

Nicky said...

Is it just me or are they starting to look more and more alike as they get older?? (Before, I could tell them apart a bit, but not in these pics LOL)