May 15, 2011

Arizona Trip- May 15th, 2011

Well hello, I'm back! I just got my computer back from the Apple store today and I couldn't be happier to edit all my photos from my little trip to Gilbert, Arizona this weekend. I know... why in the world were you in Arizona? My friend Candice found out that Chris August and Shawn McDonald were playing at a church in Gilbert and she decided to make a trip out of it. There is nothing better than jumping in a car full of 5 people, sweaty in all and driving 6 hours away from home! 

The concert was soo good. :) Certain styles of music just make my heart happy. I LOVE acoustic sets. Put in a cellist and violinist and you'll pretty much steal my heart. <3

The drive back home was an adventure. Nothing better than getting off the highway in the middle of nowhere to take photos with a 20 ft tall baby... playing a game of Would You Rather with a car full of people next to us while driving 75 mph, and just being able to enjoy the scenery. I love being away from home in a place i've never been before. It was just what I needed.
So thank you Candice, Sarah, Ruth and Rachel for this weekend! :)

Shawn McDonald's Violinist was amazing!

We of course made a stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I missed their fried apples and sweet tea! 

We notice the weirdest things on the highway. 
Who doesn't want to get off a highway in the middle of nowhere to take photos with a 20 ft tall baby?!
And then there was Rachel :) Haha 


Sterling is Gold said...

the bokeh in the rearview mirror pic is awesome!
the dino pics are my fav.
and i love the sky on the last baby pic on the left.

LizMarie said...

Thank you so much Sterling! I'm a big fan of bokeh haha

Sterling is Gold said...

Me too!!! Gah, i need a prime to get that creamy goodness! hahaha

aren't road trips the best though? im jelly.

LizMarie said...

I love primes.
And I loveee road trips! I'll be going on more so I can put more miles on my car! haha