July 09, 2011

Downtown Long Beach- July 9th 2011

I had a very eventful day. I spent most of my afternoon shooting at a birthday party in Redondo Beach. I originally planned on coming straight home to edit photos and relax. That is until I got a text message from my coworkers asking if I wanted to go shooting in Long Beach. I'm so happy that I did. We ventured out all around downtown and then had a nice dinner at Islands. Going out and shooting what you want with two other photographers is so much fun! It's nice not being glared down and mocked by strangers all on your own. And it's nice.... and weird being able to hang out with your coworkers. Thank you Hans and Daniel SO much for helping me figure out my settings on my camera haha. You guys are awesome.

SOOOO thankful to get a shot like this! I felt like a little kid jumping for joy because of it.
Hans & Daniel
And to end the night with forcing Hans to plank in the parking garage.
Goodnight :)

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