August 08, 2011

Michelle Maternity Session- San Clemente, Ca

Yesterday I did my very first Pro bono Maternity Session. A good friend of my Colleen and her mama Shannon drove us out to Orange County to visit and photograph Michelle. Colleen and I used to work with each other and became very good buddies. This was my first time actually getting to know her mom and Michelle a little bit better. They contacted me about doing the session a couple days before, and I said sure, why not let's do this!

The day was such an adventure. I had no idea what to expect... what Michelle looked like, where the location would be or how long we would be out there. Which was kind of exciting haha. We met Michelle at her crazy beautiful home and made our way to get some mexican food in San Clemente. Hold up: Just so everyone knows... a way to win my heart is buying me some darn good mexican food ;) Anyway, after we ate lunch we drove down to a gated neighborhood community and a private beach. It was super beautiful. Michelle was the sweetest person and I'm so proud of how well she did.

A very small preview from the session:

Some funny out-takes of Colleen. Haha

Highlight of the day: On the way back home we stopped by a A&W drive through to get some floats. We all had a 2 minute laugh attack in the drive through box where you order. Shannon had mascara about an inch thick under her eyes and the people who worked there probably thought we were pranking them or close to coning them. I love them Hamilton's hahah <3

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