July 26, 2011

Vision - Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa- 7.25.11

Well hello there... oh dear blog of mine. I haven't had too much to post about recently. But I did have a pretty eventful night on Monday. Candice and I attended Vision Summer event at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I heard Chris August was playing a couple months back, so I made sure I forwarded it to Candice and we planned to go! It was really neat. And he's a very sweet guy! Talking to us out of the many people around, and buying us In N' Out made us feel very special. So thank you sir.

Sometimes, the Lord has a funny way of explaining things to me. I had a lot of those funny moments that night. I love you so much Lord.

Photo dump here:

That right there, is some soft grass and the best poncho around town.
Chris August. It was cool being able to hear him play with a live band rather than acoustic. 

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