September 05, 2011

Honey Locust -Preview- Santa Ynez

My sister and I finally planned to take photos for her new shop Honey Locust. We drove back out to Santa Ynez Valley yesterday to take photos of the clothing. Our cousin Tayler is very tall and skinny, so we knew she would be a perfect model.

We pretty much pulled off the side of the road and took photos on someone's property. Trespassing to take photos has become a very natural thing for me haha. We didn't really trespass, just took photos on their road. ;) Tayler changed clothes in the car while Victoria styled the clothes from the bins in the trunk. We spent about 3 1/2 hours alongside the road and it was quite peaceful. We even got to watch a small thunderstorm on the highway last night.

Here is just a small preview. Keep checking back on her blog for a shop update.

My sister took this for me. :)

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