September 01, 2011

Henry & Terri's Wedding- Preview - 8.27.11

Last weekend Stacee Lianna and I photographed Henry and Terri's wedding. I was in my first wedding when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was 22 when I attended my first wedding. And this is my third time shooting a wedding. Weddings are new to me haha. I explained that to Stacee the whole day of the wedding, she simply told me to calm down and encouraged me. I love her! Haha

Terri and Henry's relationship is very sweet to me because I was one of the few people who knew they were dating before they went public. ;) They both attend my home church where they met at BASIC, a singles group. We see Henry all the time being that he works at our local post office and Terri practically lives down the street. She has always encouraged me in my spiritual walk and I'm so extremely happy for her and Henry.

This is just a small preview of my favorites. I hope you guys are having fun on your honeymoon! Love you guys <3

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Ashley Cristine said...

The four shots put together of different reactions--perfect!

I love these shots and can't wait to see the rest!