December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas- 12.25.11

Just wanted to upload a few photos to the blog of our family this weekend. My heart was very overwhelmed today by realizing how blessed I actually am. Hoping everyone had a great weekend. Merry Christmas <3

Love me some Eric cuddles. :)

I am far more blessed with the gifts my family got me. My favorites right now are the cards my sister got me from Abby Try Again, Quitter by Jon Acuff, the blanket Bri made me and my new phone!

It was my cousin Eric's 1st Christmas this morning. It was my first time seeing him since he had his operation. He's still swollen and it will take a while before the plates in his head dissolve but he's doing so well!! Still his normal self, crawling around, getting into everything and talking up a storm haha :) Now we can both share nice gnarly scars together ;) I know God has amazing things in store for him. <3

My brother and I haha

My amazing sister :)


Unknown said...

2 things. 1. Awwwww Victoria!!! <3 2. Quitter!!!!!! you will love it.

Alexis said...

Love all this <3