February 19, 2012

Bri's Maternity Session- 2.19.12

Recently we've added a new member to our family. Bri and my little brother Nick are expecting a baby girl, Novalee. Let me tell ya, Its been a whole new world for me with pregnant ladies and babies around. ;) This has all been a learning experience, that I'm very grateful for. My mom is very excited to be a grandma and my sister and I are super excited to be aunties! These are just a few of the photos that I have of Bri's pregnancy. I will have plenty more to come and I can't wait. Thank you Bri and Victoria for the fun relaxing afternoon where I didn't have to be a nervous wreck behind the camera.

Thanks to my sister, Victoria for going with us and taking these photos! Love you holmes.


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Goodthings said...

This is adorable! :)Pregnancy is so beautiful

the lovebirds said...

Wow! These pictures are simply gorgeous. Xo