April 22, 2012

Christa & Bobby's Wedding- 4.21.12

I'm posting two blogs in one night. Haha I'm insane! I've been on a crazy go go go high. Anyone ever felt that way? No? I need to cool it and relax. But before I do... I wanted to share how my last couple of weeks have been.

One of my best friends all through high school recently got engaged. The last couple of weeks have been super fun hanging out with her and the family. I'm extremely grateful for moments like these. Thank you Christa and Bobby for letting me be apart of your special day! I wish the best for you two and the baby. <3

Funny moments:
-I slept over at Christa's house the night before the wedding and she fell asleep at 9pm. Then woke up 3 hours later and then we both couldn't sleep.

-Waking up at 5am to apply tattoo cover up on Christa's tattoos. We did sooo good on that!

-Random laugh attacks while us two short people try to hang our dresses and fail every time.

-"We've got bananas all over this house. We go bananas over bananas. We've got yo potassium, your B-6.. shooot." -Christa

-"Oh... Angela, you have goose pimples." -Grandma Esguerra

All in all had an amazing weekend. Yes, I am exhausted, but it was well worth it.
Everyone have a great week!

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