April 22, 2012

The Color Run- SoCal Irvine

Words can't even define how great of a weekend I've had. I watched my best friend get married and watched some of my friends run a 5k color run. I love celebrating with friends when they make huge decisions. I know weddings and a run like this may not seem exciting to many... but when you're able to experience a huge thing along side with your friends, its an awesome feeling.

Even though I didn't run the race today, I was asked to come along to hang out and document it. And I loved it. Had a great time with everyone out in Irvine today! Thank you to those who invited me! :)

Enjoy some colorful photos:

Favorite shot!

Hug attack!

Free Slurpee's! Yes, please!


Goodthings said...

This is so much fun!! I would love to participate when they are in my town.

Also great pics!

lsnider said...

any suggestions on photographing a color run this weekend?

LizMarie said...

Goodthings- Thank you so much! It was super awesome. I'm hoping to participate this time in November in San Diego :)

Isnider- Yes, haha. Be sure to bring a rain coat for your camera and have a filter to protect your glass as well. :)