October 27, 2012

Faith + Scott's 25th Anniversary | Union Station Downtown Los Angeles

Last Sunday I woke up before sunrise for a 25th wedding anniversary photo session. Faith and I met through a photography workshop we both attended which was held by the amazing Annie Appel.  I'm very happy that we met and were able to do future work together! She is truly an amazing individual inside and out. When Faith mentioned how they were going to be dressing in 1940's attire for their session I was sooooo excited!! Loved the vintage feel they were going for. Faith & Scott planned a very romantic getaway and boarded their train to Oregon for their anniversary. So a big thank you goes out to these two for such an adventurous morning. :)

Here's just a few favorite b&W shots of mine...  

Also a big thank you goes out to my friend and coworker, Robert! He was verrry nice and woke up extra early to help me out! Thank you my friend haha!

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