September 16, 2014


So can we talk about how stinking hot it is in Southern California!?! I do not like the heat. At all. We live in an old tiny house with 5 people and a toddler. But with it being built above our cellar, the heat just rises and sits in the house. 95 degrees with a toddler ready for her nap. She may seem happy and cute in the photos above, but she was really... not digging the heat either lol. ;) Hopefully she'll feel better after she's had her nap.

But, my sister and I have been able to work creatively today. She's working on a pop up shop for fall. She's been working on a quilt for about 6 hours so far today. She actually made my blue one in the photos above in linen and is creating a smaller version of it in red. SOOO excited! She'll also have handmade cutting boards and spoons, and handmade jewelry as well. I love watching her work. We really want a studio to hang out and work in, or even better... a place out of state where it's cool and quite. But you start with where you're at, you know? We'll have what we'd like soon! I know it!!

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