August 15, 2015


My madre, sister, niece and I took a short day trip up north. We always stop through the farms to check out the local produce and today we were able to check out the farmstead shop. It was SO cute inside, the owners were the sweetest and the strawberries were so so sweet and delicious. My sister was able to stock up on that sweet wildflower liquid gold and we were also able to feed the animals, which was my favorite. :)

We also stopped through Buttonwood Farm and my sister is going to try canning some peaches for the first time tomorrow! Very excited to see how it turns out... might just have to share with everyone later. ;) 

It was a fun stop through, even though we practically melted in that 105 degree weather. And it's nice to get away from the traffic and overly crowded area that we live in. We just need to move and encourage my sister to follow her dream of homesteading. Anyway, everyone have a good weekend and stay cool.

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